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To: Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Save the RLI - Keep Hospital Services in Lancaster

Save the RLI - Keep Hospital Services in Lancaster

We, the undersigned, oppose any proposals to close the RLI or move Lancaster's hospital services out of Lancaster. We call on the Government and local NHS to invest in and upgrade Lancaster's existing health infrastructure instead.

Why is this important?

Official government NHS plans contain a proposal to close both the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and the Royal Preston Hospital and replace them with a so called 'super-hospital' on a single site elsewhere.

This proposal represents a serious threat to the future of full hospital provision in Lancaster and the large area of North Lancashire and South Cumbria the RLI serves. Likewise, the people of Preston and Central Lancashire will also risk the loss of properly accessible full local hospital services.

Any increase in travel distances, especially for emergencies, is not acceptable. Both cities and surrounding areas need and deserve their own hospitals, each with a full range of services, with proper investment to upgrade these.

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Lancaster, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Yet again, under this government there's a total lack of common sense... our local and extended communities need hospitals locally, to save more lives, to offer local places of work, RLI is one of the biggest employers locally, that many staff can walk to/use public transport to get to work to keep to the Climate Change plan and the community is growing with the house building that the gov is encouraging, so we need it more than ever.
  • Accessibility accessibility
  • It’s important for services to stay open for local communities.


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