• Sick of Statutory Sick Pay!
    We need company sick pay for the protection of our residents and our colleagues. We need company sick pay to give us the time to get better when we are ill. We need company sick pay to protect us financially.
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    Created by GMB Care Sector
  • Pay Fair for Patient Care – support Mid Cheshire Healthcare Assistants
    Hundreds of nursing support staff at Mid Cheshire hospitals have been working above their pay grade for years. We are calling on their trust to pay them the wage they deserve and to award back-pay for years of underpayment.
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    Created by UNISON North West
  • Pay Fair for Patient Care – support Warrington and Halton's Healthcare Assistants
    Hundreds of nursing support staff at Warrington and Halton hospitals have been working above their pay grade for years. We are calling on their trust to pay them the wage they deserve and to award back-pay for years of underpayment.
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    Created by UNISON North West
  • Pay Fair for Patient Care – support Wirral’s clinical support workers
    Add your name to this petition in support of Wirral University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Clinical Support Workers in their campaign for fair pay and recognition.
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  • Rishi Sunak: don't raise the state pension age further
    The state pension age is currently 66 years. It is due to rise to 67 from May 2026, and to 68 from May 2044. However, government ministers have been pushing for this timetable to be sped up, according to media reports. New research by Unite the Union has found that many workers feel they cannot continue working in key roles until state pension age. Over 10,000 Unite members across four key sectors took part in the survey: 86 per cent of health workers do not believe they can mentally continue to undertake their current roles beyond the age of 66, while 83 per cent of them could not physically continue in their roles beyond the same age. 75 per cent of construction workers stated they can’t work physically beyond 66, while 64 per cent said the mental demands of the job would become too much by 66 at the latest. 76 per cent of road haulage and warehouse workers said that they will not be able to physically work beyond 66, while 70 per cent said the mental demand of the job will become too great by that age. 67 per cent of bus and tram workers said the mental demands would become too great by 66, while the job would become too physically demanding by then for 57 per cent of them. These findings show that tens of thousands of workers will be forced out of employment due to the physical and mental demands of their work but will be too young to receive the state pension. *** Join Unite in the fight for dignity in retirement. Join here: https://join.unitetheunion.org/ *** *** Join the National Pensioners Convention, the campaigning organisation for older people in the UK here: https://www.npcuk.org/join-the-npc *** *** Join the Scottish Pensioners Forum here: https://scottishpensioners.org.uk/ ***
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  • Urgent support for rail cleaners, security guards and other outsourced workers
    Thousands of cleaners work on our railways, cleaning trains and stations for Train Operating Companies, Network Rail, TfL and London Underground. These cleaners worked throughout the pandemic and continue to work today to keep our rail services clean and safe. The are joined by security guards, gateline staff and many other essential roles. The vast majority of these workers are outsourced to sub-contractors meaning that they have lower pay, no access to sick pay and pensions and are barred from the same free and discounted travel facilities that are given to many other rail workers. The cost of living crisis has hit these low paid workers hard. Yet the directors of rail companies, whose pay is magnitudes greater than that of cleaners, do receive free travel. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has recognised the cost of living crisis and has given travel facilities to all outsourced cleaners working for TfL and London Underground, also agreeing to explore bringing cleaning in-house on the Tube. It is time that the Secretary of State followed this example, providing free travel for rail cleaners and other outsourced workers and reviewing their outsourcing contracts with a view to bringing them into direct employment.
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  • Don't give, then take! Stop the 5% price increase to parking etc @ Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
    This was a cynical move, released on a bank holiday weekend to hide the obvious uncosted price hike, hits the lowest paid trust employees the hardest. Support your hard working NHS staff! Don't give with one hand and take back with the other!
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    Created by Nigel Bakewell
  • Free School Meals: No Island Child Left Behind
    The benefits of free school meals for Primary School pupils are many. Common sense and research shows, well fed children make greater progress in the classroom. Results go up, absence goes down. The benefits will outweigh costs, as they do in Finland, Estonia and Cuba for example. A 2022 analysis of UK costs and benefits by Pricewaterhouse Coopers is clear. (Commissioned by Impact on Urban Health.) Benefits include: - an increased cost saving to schools, increased lifetime earnings by children when they reach adulthood, which means a greater tax contribution. - increased savings on food costs to families and NHS savings, as obesity and ill health decrease. PwC estimated, the overall wider benefit for society by expanding free school meals between 2025 and 2045 would be a staggering £99.5bn. In his automated email response, Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely writes, he is: “pushing hard every day to [ensure] .... no one is left behind.” Between autumn 2018/19 and autumn 2022/23, the number of Isle of Wight children eligible for income-related free school meals increased from 2,452 to 4,008. We need to push harder. Free schools meals for all will help ensure far fewer young children on the Isle of Wight are left behind. This is why we urge you to sign this petition before the Week of Action 24-30 June. It is our chance to mobilise the Isle of Wight and dial up pressure on the Government and our MP to pass the Free School Meals for All Bill. You may also wish to sign the national petition at https://actionnetwork.org/forms/join-the-week-of-action/?source=emailshare&. On behalf of all primary children present and future, we thank you very much for reading and signing.
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    Created by Peter Shreeve
  • Resist the cuts to arts funding in Northern Ireland
    Arts and culture jobs in Northern Ireland are at risk. The Department for Communities has formally advised Arts Council Northern Ireland that it faces a funding reduction, translating to a 10% cut to all funded arts organisations in North Ireland. This means that planned performances and community projects are already at risk. This decision would be made without democratic scrutiny, whilst Stormont isn't sitting. The evidence is clear that investing in the arts boosts the economy, supports mental health, physical health, social wellbeing, and community cohesion. And in a cost of living crisis, this is a deep cut. We need more investment not less. Sign this petition to call on the Permanent Secretary at the Department for Communities to reverse this proposal.
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  • Keep Offshore Workers Safe at Sea
    The UK should not be reliant upon authorities in Liberia, Panama or Antigua if an incident or death occurs whilst working in or transiting from the UK offshore energy sector. Offshore energy workers and seafarers should be afforded the same level of protection as land based workers in the UK and the regulatory gaps should be closed.
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    Created by Jonathan Havard
  • Fair Pay For Welsh Ambulance Service Workers
    Our members in Welsh Ambulance overwhelmingly voted to reject the latest pay offer by 92% and deserve a pay offer to match their skills, care, experience, knowledge and responsibility. Our members have had a decade of real terms pay cuts and deserve a proper pay offer
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  • Warburton's - possibly sacking staff for protecting their Health and Safety?
    Everyone has the right to a safe environment at their place of work. Drivers who are lone, mobile workers, whose environment changes regularly and sometimes rapidly, should have the confidence to adapt and have the support of their employer in making those decisions
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