• Keep heritage safe, extend the mask rules
    The heritage and wider cultural sector was hit very hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of jobs were lost as vital income streams dried up. As museums, galleries and other spaces have been able to reopen to the public and tourism has begun to recover there have been some green shoots of recovery. However this can only happen with both a safe workforce and visitors that feel confident about attending Covid-secure venues. This is being put at risk by the failure of the UK government to mandate the wearing of facemasks for visitors to indoor heritage venues in England. Although masks will only be one part of a comprehensive strategy to address the risks posed by Covid the World Health Organisations recommends them as an important part of this comprehensive approach.
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  • Solve the staffing crisis in social care
    I believe that these measures will make working in Social Care an attractive prospect for job seekers and make existing staff feel recognised and respected for the difficult and critical work that they do. This is your opportunity to solve a real crisis and to Keep Carers in Care.
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    PFI BLEEDS THE NHS DRY, TIME’S UP FOR PFI PROFITEERS! Unison Lanarkshire Health Branch has launched a campaign to bring private contracts within NHS Lanarkshire back in house into public ownership. The campaign aims to end the private Serco and ISS contracts within NHS Lanarkshire; which provides catering, portering, domestic and security services at Hairmyres and Wishaw Hospitals back in house to put an end to a two-tier workforce. Once brought back in-house it will allow all NHS Lanarkshire workers at these sites to be employed on equal terms and conditions. Bringing these contracts back in house will also put an end to profit-motivated contractors providing public services at the public’s expense. Unison has produced a letter which we have directly mailed to all Lanarkshire Councillors, MSPs and MPs asking them to support our campaign to bring the staff back in-house where they belong. Let's be clear, PFI contracts are bleeding NHS Lanarkshire and its time to put a stop to private profiteers draining OUR National Health Service. Support our campaign and sign our petition! You can also get more involved in the campaign by: Phone: 01698 754333 Email: [email protected]
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  • East Lancashire NHS Trust: Fully honour your agreement and pay scientists fairly
    Throughout the pandemic, biomedical scientists have been on the frontline of our NHS, analysing patient blood samples and carrying out covid-19 testing. Their work has been critical to keeping us safe. But the NHS Trust has let these key workers down. They have acted in bad faith and failed to fully honour the agreement to upgrade them from band 5 to band 6 and pay the back pay they are entitled to. After exploring all options to resolve the issue, Unite members were left with no choice but to take industrial action. And now the Trust is wasting public funds trying to break the strike. These workers need your support. Can you add your voice and demand East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust honour their agreement?
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  • Edinburgh City - Save Our Care Homes
    Scotland’s care system already relies too heavily on homes that are run for profit. Edinburgh can buck that trend by supporting Council-run care homes that focus on providing quality care not the making of money. I urge you to back UNISON's campaign to Save Our Care Homes.
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  • Keep DVLA staff safe
    PCS members have been in dispute with DVLA management and the Department for Transport (DfT) since January over covid safety in the workplace. With the highest numbers of workplace cases, management were slow to act and showed scant disregard for members health. After 8 days of strike action PCS negotiated a deal to end the dispute and put in place clear safeguards for those in work. At the 11th hour the draft agreement was scrapped by management without a clear explanation why. Further strike action is now underway. We believe government ministers stopped the DVLA management signing the deal. We need to apply pressure to the Secretary of State to settle this dispute. Please sign the email to him. It’s your right to be heard and only pressure from union members and our friends and family will work now.
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  • Treat Long Covid as a Disability
    Latest Government figures revealed a staggering 385,000 people have been living with symptoms of long Covid for a year or more. And spiralling infection rates mean many more people are likely to contract long Covid. Symptoms include fatigue, brain fog and shortness of breath, and it’s more common in key workers, women and those living in the most deprived areas. Our research reviled wide spread discrimination and disbelief at work 1 in 20 people with long covid have been forced out of their jobs. This is not acceptable. We must stand in solidarity with everyone who has long Covid. We demand the Government urgently address the discrimination people with long Covid face.
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  • GMB Demand Pay Justice for staff at Yeovil District Hospital
    GMB union members and workers at Yeovil District Hospital are demanding respect and fair pay. Simply Serve Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yeovil District Hospital Foundation Trust. NHS workers in non-clinical roles (e.g. Porters, Cleaners, Housekeeping, Admin, Catering,) who were transferred from the Trust into its wholly-owned subsidiary, Simply Serve Limited (SSL), remain on the NHS “Agenda For Change” (AFC) contract, while new starters are paid on the lower SSL rates, despite doing the same job. It is not acceptable for staff to do the work of NHS workers, but not be be recognised and paid as NHS workers. GMB demand equal pay for equal work. It is fair, it is reasonable and it is right. Join GMB, sign the petition and support the campaign for Pay Justice in our NHS!
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  • Send a message: Pay Justice for SSL staff at Yeovil District Hospital!
    Simply Serve Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yeovil District Hospital Foundation Trust, which pays staff less than the standard NHS pay, terms and conditions. It is not acceptable for staff to be employed to do the of job NHS workers, but not be paid as NHS workers. Tell the Board of Directors: Direct your wholly-owned subsidiary, Simply Serve Limited, to meet the GMB demand for harmonisation for all staff with the NHS Agenda for Change contract; or better still, dissolve the wholly-owned subsidiary to harmonise all staff with the NHS Agenda for Change contract!
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  • Send a message: Fair pay for staff at Airedale Hospital now
    Every day since March 2020, these workers have put themselves at risk; at risk of getting infected and at risk of infecting their family. To discover the subsidiary you set up and oversee has been paying many of these workers on less than the standard NHS pay, terms and conditions is unacceptable. Tell the Board of Directors: Support and direct your wholly-owned subsidiary, AGH Solutions, to meet the GMB demand for harmonisation for all staff with the NHS Agenda for Change contract; or dissolve the wholly-owned subsidiary to harmonise all staff with the NHS Agenda for Change contract.
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  • Normal pay for isolating Stoke Care Workers
    Over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of Stoke care workers have been, and continue to be, financially penalised for doing the right thing and protecting the vulnerable people they care for.   Proper sick pay is known to prevent the spread of infections to service users and the wider community. Care workers need the assurance that they will not be financially penalised when they need to self-isolate.   In Stoke, the majority of care workers who have spoken to UNISON have reported that instead of receiving their normal pay in line with Government guidance, they are having to survive on SSP at £96 per week, use annual leave, or in some cases get nothing at all. This is despite care employers receiving millions in public funds and being instructed to use them to pay self-isolating care workers their normal wages.
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  • Write to Mitie: Pay us what you owe!
    Low-paid workers at Cumberland Infirmary are in urgent need of our support. These porters, cleaners, switchboard and catering staff are outsourced to Mitie and have worked 24/7 throughout the pandemic to keep staff and patients safe. But while Mitie boasts it is making massive profits from the Covid crisis, it continues to pay these workers less than their NHS colleagues doing the same jobs. This is despite North Cumbria Integrated NHS Foundation Trust saying it handed over a "substantial sum" for them to be paid NHS rates when the contract was privatised in 2010. The 150 workers, who belong to UNISON and the GMB, have been on strike for two days. Instead of investigating where their missing wages went, health bosses and Mitie chose to squabble over who's responsible for paying the workers what they're owed. Sadly, Mitie still isn’t listening. We think that an even better way to get the Managing Director’s attention is to flood his inbox with emails from all of us. Can you take a few minutes to email Phil Bentley? It’s easy, you just need to add your details and press send. This is not what our members want. They don’t want to strike, especially not in the middle of a global pandemic. Health bosses and Mitie could have averted the strike by agreeing to pay the workers the correct rate for the job. The rate the Trust said they'd be paid when the contract was privatised in 2010. We know who’s side we’re on.
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