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To: Barry Lewis, Council Leader


The Council must halt the cuts and:
- look for savings by investing in Council services to produce efficiency savings
- stop paying private providers at a premium
- consult with the Trade Unions on all restructures

Why is this important?

These services are not just numbers on a balance sheet; they are invaluable lifelines for our community. They provide essential support to our most vulnerable citizens, from children and the elderly to those with disabilities or facing financial hardship.

The proposed cuts would have devastating consequences. According to the Office for National Statistics, local government spending on services has already fallen by over 20% in real terms between 2010-11 and 2020-21 (source: National Audit Office). Further reductions would push our public services beyond breaking point.  

We know that the Council are not investing in public services. They have increased the spending on private care home placements to £113 million - whilst nearly 50% of Derbyshire Council's OWN care home beds are empty!

Moreover, bypassing the recognised trade unions (UNISON/ UNITE/ GMB) undermines the democratic process that should be at the heart of any changes in public service provision. The unions represent thousands of workers who dedicate their lives to serving our community - their voices must be heard.

This is not just about preserving existing services; it's about protecting democracy, fairness, and social justice in Derbyshire.  We must stand together against these short-sighted cuts that prioritise profit over people.

Derbyshire, UK

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