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To: CEO Brian Thomson


I am delighted to inform you that Nautilus members working onboard Isle of Man Steam Packet Company (IOMSPCo) vessels have ceased industrial action after the ferry operator withdrew the threat of fire and rehire and committed to further talks and arbitration if necessary.

Following constructive dialogue, facilitated by the Manx Industrial Relations Service, the company has withdrawn notices of termination issued just before Christmas and has agreed to further talks and to engaging in arbitration should talks again result in a stalemate.

On January 3 the ferry operator was forced to cut its scheduled services by 50% following unexpected crew leave.

Talks are scheduled to continue from January 15.

Thank you for your support to our members at this incredibly difficult time.

In September 2023, The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company threatened Nautilus International members with fire and rehire if they failed to agree to fundamental changes to their terms and conditions.

The company are trying to bully dedicated staff into unemployment or into working on terms and conditions that will see them spend more than 40% more time at their place of work.

Steam Packet refused to engage in independent arbitration, the process defined in the collective agreement with the union and have repeatedly stated that live aboard is non-negotiable.

Why is this important?

We cannot stand by and allow members at Steam Packet to be bullied into accepting fundamental changes to their terms & conditions or face the sack. We are calling on Steam Packet to stop the threat of fire and rehire.

Nautilus International, on behalf of those we represent, has tried on numerous occasions to avoid a dispute with Steam Packet but to no avail. We are not against living aboard, we are simply asking the company to act in a reasonable way by phasing in living aboard and honour existing contracts.

The company are intent on forcing through fundamental changes by threatening members with fire and rehire.

Join us in sending a clear message to Steam Packet: END THE THREAT OF FIRE AND REHIRE.

St Nicholas Pl, Canada Blvd, Liverpool L3 1QW, UK

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