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To: David Brown, CEO GO Ahead bus company group

Stop the Go North West fire and rehire.

Bus drivers in Manchester are facing big cuts to their pay and conditions in yet another fire and rehire attack. Please show your support.

Sign our email to David Brown, CEO of the Go Ahead group. It’s time he stepped in to stop this latest fire and rehire attack.

Why is this important?

Sick pay slashed in the middle of a pandemic, terms and conditions attacked, what would you do?

Bus drivers with Go North West in Manchester are being bullied and threatened with the sack if they don’t sign new contracts on inferior terms in a brutal fire and rehire attack. The company has refused to row back and has even started hand delivering letters with dismissal dates included for those that don’t sign.

Now the drivers, who have worked on the frontline throughout the pandemic and face having their sickness agreement ripped up and working longer hours for less pay, are getting ready to strike after voting by 82.3% to walk out.

With your help we can keep the pressure on. Please join us in calling on the CEO of the Go Ahead group David Brown to act. He’s the top chief of the entire group and our best bet of getting the company to take fire and rehire off the table and get them back around the negotiating table.

Email Mr Brown now.

Manchester, UK

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