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To: Dundee City Council

#StopFaculties: Stop the removal of principal teachers in Dundee secondary schools

No matter their postcode, every young person deserves access to a qualified and experienced teacher.

We’re calling for Dundee City Council to keep principal teachers and to stop an unnecessary and costly restructure of secondary schools.

Add your name and show the council how many of us are supporting these teachers.

Why is this important?

Dundee City Council are trying to force through a disruptive restructure of all secondary schools in the area.

If the changes were to go ahead, the council would band subjects together under one faculty. The council would remove principal teachers from secondary schools and replace them with a new position – “faculty heads”.

The plans mean there would be fewer teachers in our already under-resourced schools and yet more disruption to students’ learning.

The changes would significantly increase workload for teachers – that means less one-to-one time with students.

And there is no evidence out there to suggest that the faculties model has any educational benefit.

This will hit the poorest students, hardest.

Dundee is one of the most deprived areas in Scotland. And one in five young people leave school without any qualification at National 5 level.

Secondary teachers almost unanimously oppose the changes. 97% have voted to reject the plans, and 96% don’t believe that the changes will improve the attainment gap.

Education is in crisis. We need more class teachers, not less.

Every young person deserves a qualified and experienced teacher.

Every young person deserves a quality education.

Dundee, UK

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