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To: Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Secretary of State for Business

Stronger legal rights to flexible working

Over four out of five workers in Britain want flexible working yet too many people are missing out. The Government must ensure all workers have stronger legal rights to flexibility.

We are calling on the government to :
1) Give all workers the right to flexible working from day 1 in the job
2) Introduce a duty to make employers publish flexible work options in job adverts
3) Bring in 10 days’ full paid carers leave, for all parents.

Why is this important?

The pandemic has caused a childcare crisis for millions of parents, with working mums in particular struggling to cope.

Over 36,000 working mums responded to our survey with Mother Pukka. Nearly two-thirds said they didn’t have enough childcare for the school summer holidays and most said they’d find managing this year’s summer break harder than ever before.

Parents are at breaking point and need flexibility at work now more than ever. Flexibility, such as predictable hours to plan around, term-time only or compressed hours, job-sharing, or working from home allows parents to balance family and work effectively.

Pandemic or no pandemic, flexible working is a win-win for employers and workers. It makes a huge difference to working people’s lives and makes workers more productive and happy at work.

But current flexible working rights are way too limited – at the moment workers only have the right to request flexibility after 6 months in the job. Employers can turn down requests for a huge range of reasons and if your boss doesn’t care, then having the right to ask doesn’t mean much. Millions of low paid parents in insecure jobs, don’t even get the right to ask.

On top of this, parents have no statutory right to paid leave to look after their children. This has to change.

Working mums have borne the brunt of this crisis -they’ve picked up the lion’s share of caring responsibilities – often at the expense of hours, pay, and their careers. If ministers don’t act now, we risk turning back the clock on generations of progress on gender equality at work.

Secretary of State for Business, Kwasi Kwarteng, sets the rules here. He could bring legislation to build up our rights to flexible work. We’re calling on him to help make work more flexible for everyone.

Reasons for signing

  • Women are half the working population and should be able to work as well as being mothers


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