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To: Tim Martin, chairman of Wetherspoons

Tell Tim Martin to listen to his workers

The demands of the workers are:

1. PPE must be available, sufficient and appropriate.
2. Security on doors at all times.
3. Any pub/kitchen unable to operate safely to stay closed.
4. No loss of earnings due to COVID-19.
5. No penalty for not reaching company targets.
6. No skeleton staffing.
7. Pubs to go cashless until the pandemic is over.
8. Full sick pay from day one.

Why is this important?

From the beginning, Tim Martin, Chairman of the company, showed a disregard to worker safety and put profit before people, endangering thousands. He claimed there was next to no transmission in his pubs and the lockdown wasn’t necessary, that his pubs were as essential as supermarkets.

We are concerned for the safety of Wetherspoon associates, cleaners, team and shift leaders, and managers alike. We do not want to take the risk of returning to work when it is not safe. We find the safety measures suggested by the company inadequate to ensure our safety.

We are not disposable. We are the ones pouring the pints, cleaning the floors and cooking the food. The company depends on us to make profits and keep the business running.

Therefore, we make these demands to Tim Martin and John Hutson, Chairman and CEO of J. D. Wetherspoon. We hope that they will listen to our demands, work with us to transition into returning to work, putting our safety first.

These demands are democratically decided by union members of BFAWU as part of the SpoonStrike campaign.

Please share, and stay safe.

How it will be delivered

This petition and its signatures will be emailed to the CEO of Wetherspoons, John Hutson. We appreciate all of your support. Share this petition! Solidarity

Reasons for signing

  • I absolutely hate capitalism
  • no worker should be scared of being forced back to work because of their employer's negligence in providing proper protection
  • Returning back to work scared of what will be and possible redundancy


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