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To: TfL pension review panel

TfL & LUL Pension defence

TfL & LUL Pension defence

The department of transport bail out has forced TfL to conduct a review of our pension fund. The conservative government want TfL and LUL workers to pay for the pandemic.

Our pension is not gold plated, it is a well-managed, properly funded and proportionate defined benefit.


TfL and LUL workers kept the transport network moving during the darkest days of Covid-19 lockdown and provided safe carriage for essential workers, the DfT bailout has already forced a pay freeze on us, we will not now give up our pension.

I pledge to support Unite the Union’s campaign and call on the TfL pension review body to tell the DfT our pension is not on the table, our pension is not up for grabs.

We call on the TfL pension review body


Why is this important?

Unite the Union is calling on all members to join our campaign to defend the TfL & LUL pension fund. We are calling on the TfL Pension review body to recommend "no action".

Our pension must not be used to pay for the Covid-19 pandemic, TfL & LUL workers were heralded as hero's for keeping the transport system moving during lockdown. They must not now be asked to pay for the pandemic with a reduction in pension benefits.

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