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To: UK Parliament

We need disability pay gap reporting

We are calling on the government to make it compulsory for employers to publish their disability pay gaps.

Why is this important?

For too long, disabled workers have faced double discrimination. Not only are they less likely to have a paid job but when they do, disabled people earn much less than their non-disabled peers.

Disabled workers face a pay gap of 15.5 per cent. This means they earn ÂŁ3,003 less a year than their nondisabled counterparts. This pay gap means that disabled people effectively work for free for the last 57 days (or 8 weeks) of the year and stop getting paid on 04 November. The TUC has branded this day Disability Pay Gap Day.

Mandatory disability pay gap reporting would mean bosses had to identify and address poor workplace practices that lead to inequality. Mandatory gender pay gap reporting has shone a light on the barriers faced by women at work– and it’s also one of the reasons why the government is consulting on the introduction of mandatory reporting on the ethnicity pay gap.

So if compulsory transparency about pay is seen as a positive way of addressing gender and race pay gaps, then why isn’t it being applied to disabled workers too?
Without a legally binding requirement on companies to publish their pay gaps – and say what action they are taking to address them – progress will be too slow and disabled workers will be consigned to many more years of lower pay and unfair barriers to getting jobs and progressing at work.

Disabled people shouldn’t be fobbed off with voluntary reporting. We know that doesn’t work. The government’s voluntary scheme for gender pay gap reporting, only led to 5 businesses actually publishing their data. However, when mandatory reporting was introduced more than 10,000 employers reported their gender pay gap – close to 100% compliance.

Disabled people deserve more, they need mandatory disability pay gap reporting – they have waited long enough for fair and equal treatment at work.

Reasons for signing

  • Social Justice
  • This is discrimination against disabled people and any discrimination is illegal.
  • I have friends some who are physically and some who are mentally disabled in some way or another. They are however extremely good at what they can do. They do not deserve to be discriminated against, but deserve equality in all they do, and deserve the same respect as any of their non disabled colleagues.


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