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To: Dominic Paul, CEO of Whitbread

Whitbread: Stop the job cuts!

Whitbread, who own Premier Inn, have announced the shock closure of over 200 restaurants and the loss of up to 1500 jobs, on the same day they announced record profits!

This is devasting news for the low paid workers at restaurants such as Beefeater, Brewers Fayre and other well known brands. Some of these workers live on site and may even lose their homes as a consequence of these closures.

On the same day, Whitbread announced their adjusted profit before tax had climbed 36% to £561 million.

This is a clear case of the company putting profits before people. We cannot stand by and let big companies walk all over workers.

For years, Unite the Union have raised concerns about the company's exploitative work practices and low pay. But this appears to have fallen on deaf ears as senior management embark on a £150 million cut in staff while "investing" £500 million in new rooms instead of new staff or the real living wage.

Whitbread needs to get its priorities straight.

Sign the petition to demand that Whitbread CEO, Dominic Paul, puts a stop to these job cuts NOW.

Why is this important?

Whitbread may not care about their workforce but they certainly care about the future custom of the general public.

If you believe that Whitbread should stop these jobs cuts and consult with Unite, please sign, share and make your voice heard!
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