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To: Directors, Investors and Shareholders in Whitbread Plc

Your Workforce deserves the Real Living Wage and Union Representation

Workers in Premier Inn and Whitbread restaurants and pubs are the key to the company success. They welcome the recent pay uplift and moves to constructive dialogue with Unite as their union. But the company and should do more.

Whitbread can be a genuine force for good in the hospitality sector by adopting the following benchmark standards:

- Pay the lowest hourly paid staff the real Living Wage Rate.
- Uplift other rates to maintain skill differentials.
- Become an accredited Living wage employer.
- Establish collective bargaining procedures to negotiate pay and conditions with elected Unite union reps

Why is this important?

With over 34,000 employees in 821 hotels and 411 pubs and restaurants Whitbread (owners of Premier Inn and familiar Brands such as Beefeater and Brewers Fayre) are one of the largest employers in the U.K. hospitality sector. As such they have a moral obligation to build back better after the Covid crisis by setting benchmark standards for decent pay and progressive employee relations.


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