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To: West Yorkshire council leaders & West Yorkshire mayor

Build it now! Bring the new West Yorkshire tram to our towns

West Yorkshire is getting a new mass transit system. But council leaders won't commit to building the tram in every town! And they don't plan to start work for another five years!

A new tram line in your town would make your journeys quicker, open up jobs, reduce local pollution, and bring investment to our community.

But if council leaders are asking us to wait 10 years for a tram that won’t even serve our town, will we ever see the benefit?

Why is this important?

West Yorkshire faces an economic crisis and a climate crisis. We need investment now to create new green jobs and avoid mass unemployment.

We also need a new low carbon public transport system to fight pollution and climate change in our region.

Leeds is the largest city in Europe without a mass transit system, and West Yorkshire economic growth is stunted because of bad public transport.

2030 is too long a wait for a new transit system. We need action today for our communities and our climate!

And we need a guarantee that we'll get a tram to every town, not just another bus service!

If we all demand action now for a quicker timeline and an ambitious tram network that serves every West Yorkshire community, our elected leaders will have to listen.

West Yorkshire, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Bring on the trams! Ditch the cars! We need a new transit system.
  • electric cars are not the answer pubic transport is
  • Trams are great. Let's have a proper integrated public transport system. The sooner the better.


2021-01-29 12:34:30 +0000

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