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To: Andy Start, DE&S CEO & DE&S ExCo, and Chris Gardner, SDA CEO

Please ensure a nursery for the children of staff in Abbey Wood

RAFA Kidz, who deliver not-for-profit nursery care across much of the wider defence estate, are taking over the Abbey Wood Woodpeckers nursery!

With just under 400 signatories in a short time, this has been an effective demonstration of strength of feeling and numbers.

Thank you to all for your support!

Please ensure a nursery for the children of staff in Abbey Wood, with no break in service.

Why is this important?

Abbey Wood Nursery is a key benefit for working in DE&S and SDA and its closure will negatively impact every team in Abbey Wood.

Withdrawal of nursery provision at Abbey Wood:
* Undermines future recruitment, making us less attractive to new talent.

* Undermines staff who have families now or may in future, as well as those who work with such people - which is nearly everyone.

* Reduces productivity of DE&S and SDA staff.

* Disproportionately impacts women.

Staff Engagement Networks and Trades Unions report that their members are opposed to closure of the Abbey Wood nursery which is a backward step for Abbey Wood and Defence.
Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8JH, UK

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