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To: Caroline Dinenage, Minister of State for Digital and Culture

Demand support for older workers in creative industries

The coronavirus has had a massive impact on the creative industries, and older creative workers have been particularly hard hit.

The government must support those who have fallen through the cracks, particularly workers 60 and above in creative industries.

We call on Caroline Dinenage and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to come to the table and work with Equity on a solution so older creative workers can safely return to work.

Why is this important?

The future of the creative industries relies on immediate government action to support all of it’s workers.

But current government schemes mean creative workers 60 and over can not get the insurance they need to safely return to work.

If older workers in creative industries cannot return to, they will not only be excluded from work - but the entire sector will suffer.

The experience and talent of older workers cannot be replaced, and is central to the recovery of the industry.

Reasons for signing

  • 1. Because it's only right. Anything less is age discrimination. 2. Because I have a show in the wings which requires the services of 4 hugely talented older actors (one man three women for record).
  • Too much guided toward youner gen. The experience and what can be passed on is here. Needs inclusion, not discrimination
  • I’m an older musician and my work has disappeared due to the COVID-19 crisis and am one of the many 1950’s women still waiting for pension.


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