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To: Board of Directors - Denso Marston Ltd

Denso Marston Ltd workers demand fair pay

Thank you for your support.

Delighted to confirm that the workers have won a 9.5% pay increase after taking their first strike action ever!

Your support has been a tremendous boost to the campaign and the workers moral through this dispute. We even printed the petition on a giant A1 board that we held up during the strike days to show how many people were supporting the campaign and the workers.

Workers at Denso Marston Ltd have seen their pay eroded over recent years. The cost-of-living crisis has exacerbated the issue of low pay. GMB reps submitted a pay claim for an inflationary rise that was sadly rejected by the company.

The company's opening offer meant minimum wage for the lowest paid workers, despite the company making a turnover of £98.7m (an increase of 32%) and dividends of £3.689m paid out in 2022.

Experienced staff are leaving the company as they can earn more at other manufacturing sites across the area.

Workers in the GMB Union are calling on management to agree a 12% pay rise to make-up for years of low pay and rising costs.

Why is this important?

Manufacturing has a proud industrial heritage in this country.

Skills have, in the past, been valued and paid accordingly. We are now seeing a race to the bottom where for many the minimum wage (or slightly over so the company can't be accused of being a minimum wage employer) becomes the maximum wage. This erosion needs to end.

Too often companies make massive profits but fail to remunerate workers for the input they have had in achieving this.

Workers at Denso Marston deserve better. They deserve to be valued and paid accordingly for their work. They deserve a 12% pay increase.

Support the workers in their campaign for fair pay.
Please sign and share this petition.
Marston House, Otley Rd, Baildon, Shipley BD17 7JR, UK

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