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To: Mel Stride MP, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Don't raise the state pension age: 68 is too late!

Workers should not be made to wait until 68 to claim their state pension.

Why is this important?

The government recently indicated it may raise the state pension age for millions of workers aged 44 to 52. Fearing massive defeat in the next general election, the government announced on Thursday 30 March it will delay this decision until the next Parliament.

We must still drive home our message to Parliament: workers will not be made to pay for decades of politicians' bad choices. Older people deserve dignity, respect and financial security, now and in the future.

The profits of the UK's largest companies are now 89 per cent higher than before the pandemic, but workers are not seeing our fair share. Our life expectancy is no longer rising, our NHS has been cut to the bone, our work doesn't pay, and our workplace pensions have been raided.

We will not allow our State Pension to be raided too. Workers create the wealth in this society, and we demand a share of that wealth in our old age.

68 is too late!

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