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To: Transport Secretary and Chancellor

Fair Funding Now: Restore and Transform South Yorkshire's Buses!

Dear Transport Secretary and Chancellor,

Our buses in South Yorkshire are in crisis. Decades of privatisation and underfunding have left us facing constant route cuts, axed evening services, fare hikes, and unreliability.

A restored and transformed bus network will help level up for local businesses, fight the climate emergency, and support us all through the costs of living crisis.

It is clear things cannot continue like this. Other City Regions have received millions to protect and improve bus services. We have had nothing.

We demand fair treatment. We demand a funding deal to restore our bus network to the level in 2022 and transform it into a public service by and for the people of South Yorkshire.


The People of South Yorkshire

Why is this important?

Until 1986, South Yorkshire was renowned for its cheap and reliable bus services. The result was simple: families didn't need a car.

Since deregulation fares have risen, services have been cut, and reliability declined.

The result: fewer job opportunities, restricted access to education and training, thousands of missed hospital appointments and reduced opportunities for leisure pursuits especially in the evenings and on Sundays.

People with limited mobility are less likely to venture out. Young people are meeting virtually instead of in person and shrinking their horizons.

The viability of businesses and communities is threatened. 30% of our population have no access to a private vehicle. If we are serious about levelling up, we must provide a reliable bus service.

The climate emergency requires a major shift to public transport.

Things must not continue on this downward spiral. Other city regions have received millions of pounds to protect and improve bus services. South Yorkshire received nothing.

Westminster leaders have the money and power to make this happen. Please sign up to demand fair funding now.
South Yorkshire, UK

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