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To: East Lancashire NHS Trust

East Lancashire NHS Trust: Fully honour your agreement and pay scientists fairly

East Lancashire NHS Trust must fully honour the agreement reached in 2019. Workers must be paid the uplift and backpay owed to reflect the correct rate for the job and their contracts.

Why is this important?

Throughout the pandemic, biomedical scientists have been on the frontline of our NHS, analysing patient blood samples and carrying out covid-19 testing. Their work has been critical to keeping us safe.

But the NHS Trust has let these key workers down. They have acted in bad faith and failed to fully honour the agreement to upgrade them from band 5 to band 6 and pay the back pay they are entitled to.

After exploring all options to resolve the issue, Unite members were left with no choice but to take industrial action. And now the Trust is wasting public funds trying to break the strike.

These workers need your support. Can you add your voice and demand East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust honour their agreement?

Casterton Ave, Burnley BB10 2PQ, UK

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