To: The Board of Directors, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Simply Serve Limited

GMB Demand Pay Justice for staff at Yeovil District Hospital

GMB Demand Pay Justice for staff at Yeovil District Hospital

Please add your name to this petition to demand Yeovil District Hospital NHS Trust and Simply Serve Ltd act immediately to:
To meet the GMB demand for Simply Serve staff to have their pay, terms and conditions in line with NHS staff; or better still, dissolve the wholly-owned subsidiary, bring staff back into direct NHS employment along with full NHS Agenda for Change contracts of employment!

Why is this important?

GMB union members and workers at Yeovil District Hospital are demanding respect and fair pay.

Simply Serve Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yeovil District Hospital Foundation Trust.
NHS workers in non-clinical roles (e.g. Porters, Cleaners, Housekeeping, Admin, Catering,) who were transferred from the Trust into its wholly-owned subsidiary, Simply Serve Limited (SSL), remain on the NHS “Agenda For Change” (AFC) contract, while new starters are paid on the lower SSL rates, despite doing the same job.
It is not acceptable for staff to do the work of NHS workers, but not be be recognised and paid as NHS workers.

GMB demand equal pay for equal work. It is fair, it is reasonable and it is right.

Join GMB, sign the petition and support the campaign for Pay Justice in our NHS!

Higher Kingston, Yeovil BA21 4AT, UK

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