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To: Partha Desarkar, CEO, Hinduja Global Services UK

Hinduja Global Services: End low pay for Liverpool's outsourced Home Office staff

Talk to your staff on the Disclosure and Barring Service contract and their union PCS, and negotiate for a fairer pay offer for these essential public service workers.

Why is this important?

Members of PCS union working for Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) in Liverpool are taking strike action over pay and conditions. Can you support their campaign?

The Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) helps employers make safer recruitment decisions by processing and issuing record checks for people working with children and adults in vulnerable or sensitive situations.

HGS deliver a contract for DBS running the contact centre and back-office functions. Highly rated, poorly paid HGS staff provide an essential service, dealing with around a million calls from the public, and 6 million DBS certificates every year. As key workers they worked throughout the COVID lockdowns, helping other key services keep running safely.

But now their employer is offering only a meagre pay award, taking wages just above the minimum wage. HGS are also refusing to improve on other minimum legal terms and conditions.

It's not like they can't afford to. Internationally, HGS are a hugely profitable firm, and their owner tops the rich list with a personal wealth of £24.5bn. When prices are rising so quickly, HGS' refusal to agree a fair pay rise will cause real hardship for their staff.

One of our members said “We don’t want to disrupt the service we provide to the public but we want to be paid a fair wage to get by on. With double digit inflation I’m finding it really difficult to
pay for food and pay the bills. While the company are making record profits and the owner is the richest person in the country, this is not right.”

Can you help raise the pressure on HGS to come back to the table and do right by our members? Please send an email to the company's UK CEO now.

Tithebarn St, Liverpool L2 2NZ, UK

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