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To: Leader of Cumberland Council Councillor Mark Fryer and Councillor Lisa Brown Deputy Leader (Statutory) and Executive Member Adults and Community Health

Cumberland Council: Regrade your Urgent Care Team Workers!

For almost two years, Approved Mental Health social workers in Cumberland's Urgent Care Team have been fighting for a job evaluation.

It's time that Cumberland council listen. That's why we are calling on council leaders to step in, reconsider Cumberland's decision, and allow a regrading of the Urgent Care Team Worker role.

Why is this important?

GMB members within Cumberland Council's Urgent Care Team, consisting of Approved Mental Health social workers, are at a crucial moment.

These professionals are the frontline of mental health care in Cumbria, operating 24/7 to make urgent decisions on potential detentions under the Mental Health Act.

Despite their crucial role and the challenging nature of their work, Cumberland Council has denied their request for a job regrading. This refusal undermines the dedication and expertise of the team members who regularly navigate emotionally draining and sometimes dangerous situations. Your support is vital.

By signing this petition, you're standing in solidarity with these dedicated professionals and the GMB trade union as they campaign for job regrading.

And once you've signed, you can donate to their strike fund here:

Cumbria, UK

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