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To: To: Rolf Geling, Director Rail Gourmet, and Gwendoline Cazenave, CEO Eurostar

Justice for outsourced catering workers at Eurostar

Eurostar and Rail Gourmet must make their catering workers a pay offer to settle their dispute.

Why is this important?

Eurostar claim that “Whether it’s a hearty meal or a light bite, we’re passionate about our food.” But they’re less passionate about fairness for the people who get the food onto their trains.

Eurostar has outsourced the supply of food on its services to a company called Rail Gourmet, owned by the travel food multinational SSP Group. 

SSP made an operating profit of £55 million in the UK over 2023, while the Group paid a £46 million dividend to its shareholders in the same year. 

Rail Gourmet only pay the London Living Wage of £13.15 an hour and their workers get inadequate sick pay and no decent pension, meaning they live hand to mouth while shareholders profit and Eurostar wash their hands of these essential workers. 

Rail Gourmet’s Eurostar caterers have had enough and they’re fighting back. They’re campaigning and taking industrial action in pursuit of a decent pay rise, sick pay and pensions. They need your help. 

Please add your name to this petition to the Directors of Rail Gourmet and Eurostar calling on them to ensure that hard-working catering staff are made a new offer that can settle their dispute. 



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