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To: Sir David Henshaw, Chairman of the Board at National Museums Liverpool

National Museums Liverpool: Pay the £1,500 cost-of-living payment you owe

Last year, thousands of PCS members went out on strike over pay and conditions. In summer 2023 the government backed down and 206 employers in the public sector agreed to pay each worker a one-off £1,500 payment to part-compensate for inflation rises and hardship caused by covid. National Museums Liverpool is the only employer which has so far refused to pay its staff the additional money.

Staff working across the 7 museums in Liverpool are struggling to make ends meet because of low pay. Many National Museums Liverpool staff are among the lowest paid workers in the public sector and are at the sharp end of the cost-of living crisis.

Wages for many staff members have stagnated over the last decade and most staff find themselves poorer than they were, even at the height of austerity.

Why is this important?

PCS members are having to take strike action to try and secure vital cost of living payments for all staff across National Museums Liverpool.

Nobody wants to have to go on strike, but National Museums Liverpool (NML) are refusing to pay £1500 cost of living payment, and we are asking for your support and understanding that it is time to show the museums that it’s time they paid up!

While museum bosses take home thousands of pounds a month, many of our lowest paid workers in this museum are choosing whether they should heat their homes or eat nutritious meals. That isn’t right.

As people passionate about the culture, heritage, and story of this city and the fabulous collections we keep we deserve more than the basics for survival, we deserve to thrive, not merely survive.

NML needs to find the money to pay its staff a fair wage, and to pay them the £1500 they are owed, and they deserve.

Please show your support for the hard-working staff by writing to Sir David Henshaw, Chairman of the Board at National Museums Liverpool

Liverpool, UK

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