To: Minister for the Cabinet Office, David Lidington

Champion fair pay for civil servants

My name is Tony Wallace and I am a Tax professional from Glasgow, currently working in Nottingham. Like thousands of other civil servants, I work to ensure the country has what we need to educate and protect the welfare of working people.

For almost ten years my pay has stagnated and I am now in real terms much worse off than I was in 2010. Ministers are making political capital out of the end of austerity but the reality for me and my civil service colleagues is that we continue to grow poorer.

This is why I am calling on David Lidington, Minister for the Cabinet Office, to be our champion.

Why is this important?

Ministers across the government are fighting for their public sector workers. It’s time for the civil service to have its own champion.

The Government has officially lifted the public sector 1% pay cap, yet FDA members have been left barely better off.

In other areas, we have seen action and results. Ministers have fought for better departmental staff pay rises, and won. However, civil servants have been left behind with employers adopting civil service pay remit guidelines and awarding below-inflation 1.5% raises.

Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill has described the civil service as “brilliant.” But what is this brilliance worth?

Recent discoveries show that the SCS’s pay gap is widening. When can these employees expect fair and equal reward?

Join our call, and ask David Lidington to speak up for hardworking civil servants.

Reasons for signing

  • Current civil serve at with still stuck at bottom of pays scale for grade with rights removed after promotion (less sick entitlement despite long service and losing privelage days).
  • We can’t maintain an effective Civil Service if pay continues to stagnate. The government is depending on the good will of the thousands of civil servants who accept salaries well below what they could earn in the private sector because they choose to serve our nation. However, all good will has limits and once gone it will be very hard to replace. That would hurt everyone far more than the savings that are being prioritised over our, and our families’, welfare.
  • Civil servants are over-worked and under-resourced; we are not adequately equipped to serve the public to the best of our ability. This is terrible for the country and it needs to change.


2018-12-17 17:03:06 +0000

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