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To: Philip Davies MP

Philip Davies: Support a pay rise for key workers in Shipley

Sign the petition to Philip Davies urging him to start working for the key workers in Shipley and publically support a pay rise for key workers; paying the NHS nurses the 12.5% and end the pay freeze for everyone else.

Why is this important?

Our key workers risk their lives going to work everyday. The nurses and care workers, the doctors and bus drivers, the supermarket workers and teachers, they put on personal protective equipment and use sanitiser if there is any but for many months there was none and many became ill some died and some are still suffering from long covid.

Most are are paid a pittance for their vital work. Many are using food banks and we clapped them and nearly everyone thought the government should give the nurses the 12.5% pay rise they were asking for, all the other public sector workers had their pay frozen.

Philip Davies the MP for Shipley voted for giving nurse a 1% payrise. His own pay is £81,932 and he voted himself a pay rise of 3.1% last year. How many MP’s have died from Corona virus?

Shipley, UK

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