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To: The Rt Hon. Liz Truss MP, Minister for Women and Equalities

Do Not Suspend Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The government should not suspend the requirement on businesses to report on their gender pay gap. They must maintain this vital tool for equality and expand it to include ethnicity and disability pay gap data.

Why is this important?

Tracking what happens to women’s pay is vital to building a fairer future and holding employers to account.

Businesses have to report on a wide range of regulations/requirements - but gender pay gap reporting was the only one suspended last year.

That can’t be right. Equality isn’t a nice value to have — it is essential. Especially in a time of crisis.
Decades of progress in gender equality is being undone in a matter of months. Women have faced greater economic hardship through this pandemic, disproportionately losing jobs and income.

Low paid women, black and minority ethnic (BME) women, disabled women and working mums are experiencing some of the most acute impacts. Women that were already at greater risk of being treated unfairly at work. Analysis by the TUC unearthed a staggering 35% pay gap for disabled women double that of the average gender pay gap, and that BME women are overrepresented in low paid, insecure jobs compared to white women and men.

Join Grazia, Mother Pukka and the TUC as we call on Liz Truss MP, to maintain the requirement for larger employers to report on their gender pay gap in 2021 and to urgently introduce legislation requiring employers to report on ethnicity and disability pay gaps.

We need you to show up for equal pay.

Because equality isn’t a nice to have, it is fundamental.


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