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To: John Murphy


Dear Mr Murphy,

Four Unite members working for Murphy International in Limerick have been dismissed – including a Unite shop steward.

Unite believes they were unfairly singled out and victimised.

As you well know, Murphy International is part of the giant Murphy group of companies which operates throughout Ireland, the UK and Canada and last year generated £1.27 billion in revenues – or €1.47 billion.
That revenue was generated by the Murphy group’s committed workforce – including the four Unite members who have been dismissed.

Unite views an attack on any member as an attack on all 1.4 million members of our Union.

Unite will be using every resource available including legal and public facing campaigns to ensure these members are re-instated.

These loyal members of staff have a combined 50 years of service.
It is appalling that they have been left to face Christmas, winter and the ongoing Cost of Living crisis without an income.

I’m asking you to act now in your position as CEO. It is time re-instate the Murphy 4.


Why is this important?

Four Unite members, including 1 shop steward, have been sacked by Murphy Intl for what Unite believes is legitimate trade union activities. Between them, they have a combined tenure of50 years.

We are facing the worst economic crisis in living human history, with the financial clout that Murphy Intl has to force 4 families to face such uncertainty is wholly unacceptable.

Please show your support and demand that Murphy Intl immediately REINSTATE THE MURPHY 4.



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