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To: Members of the Public & Politicians

#RescueSuffolkFire - Sign the Statement of Support

#RescueSuffolkFire - Sign the Statement of Support

Sign the statement of support

Why is this important?

Fire services across the Eastern Region are being cut to the bone as a result of austerity and reduced funding. Yet attempts by Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service (SFRS) managers, to cut costs and slash budgets, have seen attacks on the emergency frontline service and firefighter terms and conditions in Suffolk to a level we aren’t seeing in other fire services in the region. Suffolk fire chiefs have delivered & imposed cuts in such a way that Suffolk firefighters are struggling to provide similar levels of fire cover to that which we see in neighbouring counties.

A life or business in Suffolk isn’t worth less than elsewhere. Why do Suffolk residents receive a lower level of fire & rescue response than their Eastern Region neighbours?

Suffolk residents are now experiencing the longest waiting times for a fire engine in the East of England, and when one eventually does arrive, it’s now possible that it will only have a reduced crew of 3 firefighters on it, too few to effect rescues, with those crews being likely to have reduced or difficulty accessing the appropriate risk critical training. All at a time when the demand on the fire service service is on the increase.

It isn’t right that Suffolk residents receive a worse standard of fire cover and emergency response than the rest of the region.

It isn’t right that Suffolk firefighters are being asked to work to less safe standards than the rest of their Eastern colleagues.

It isn’t right that the professional voice of Suffolk’s firefighters is being ignored

We the undersigned demand Suffolk County Council and SFRS management take the following steps, as a minimum, to improve the situation in Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service:

• Immediately stop mobilising fire engines crewed by only three firefighters. Five firefighters is the safe minimum number needed to safely tackle a fire and effect rescues. Any fewer poses a threat to the safety of firefighters and the public
• Review emergency fire attendance times in Suffolk and how they can be improved, without detrimentally affecting the health and safety or terms and conditions of Suffolk firefighters
• Review the delivery of risk critical training in Suffolk. Firefighters must have this risk-critical training and should not have to sacrifice their work-life balance to receive it
• Review budgets and the allocation of funding to emergency front-line service in comparison to back room projects
• Listen to staff and their elected representatives and abide by nationally agreed, collective, contractual agreements

We aren't prepared to compromise on public or firefighter safety in Suffolk. Enough is enough and Suffolk firefighters and residents deserve better. #RescueSuffolkFire


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