• Lancashire County Council: Regrade and Recognition Now!
    Over time we have seen a substantial change in our job role.  The cases we handle are far more complex and challenging as services user needs have changed. We are now handling cases that can include severe mental health, neglect, abuse, exploitation and other situations which previously were exclusively dealt with by Social Workers. Lancashire County Council found the majority of Social Care Support Officers to be working at a higher grade, but our regrading did not result in our grade increasing. The service will simply not survive if skilled and dedicated workers are forced to leave because of low pay and lack of recognition for our work.
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  • Bring the 13th Note under workers' ownership!
    The Glaswegian Hospitality sector is renown for its poverty pay, precarious working conditions and habitual breaches of health and safety. Workers are often treated with a lack of respect and consideration by employers. In the wake of our industrial dispute against such conditions, a worker-owned 13th Note could provide a concrete example to workers and employers that our sector is not incompatible with fair pay and fair work. We will ensure good working conditions for all 13th Note staff through a commitment to Unite Hospitality's 10-point charter. We aim not solely to reopen the 13th Note for ourselves, but for the arts, cultural and social scenes which it has fostered and will continue to nourish in the future. P.S. We estimate that it will cost us around £40k to completely revamp the venue and make it fit for unionised workers and discerning customers. We have already raised £10k but you can support us by donating here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/support-the-13th-note-workers
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  • Whitbread: Stop the job cuts!
    Whitbread may not care about their workforce but they certainly care about the future custom of the general public. If you believe that Whitbread should stop these jobs cuts and consult with Unite, please sign, share and make your voice heard!
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  • Protect Welsh National Opera
    We are the orchestra of Welsh National Opera. Our company was founded by miners, teachers, doctors and others who wanted a national opera company rooted in Wales’ rich musical heritage. Management is being forced to consider making us part-time and cutting our pay by 15%. WNO will also have to cut down on touring, risking leaving towns and cities like Llandudno and Bristol without the high-quality opera provision they deserve. This isn’t an exaggeration – back in 2022, WNO announced that it will no longer be able to tour to Liverpool due to arts funding cuts and the need for “budget efficiencies.” The future of opera in Wales and England must not be low paid jobs, insecure contracts, and access only for those who can afford it. These cuts must not be allowed to happen on our watch. Sign the petition to protect Welsh National Opera! Pam fod hyn y bwysig? Ni yw cerddorfa Opera Cenedlaethol Cymru. Sefydlwyd ein cwmni gan lowyr, athrawon, doctoriaid ac eraill a oedd eisiau cwmni opera cenedlaethol wedi’i ymwreiddio yn etifeddiaeth gerddorol gyfoethog Cymru. Mae’r rheolwyr yn cael eu gorfodi i ystyried ein cyflogi ni ar sail ran-amser a thorri ein cyflogau 15%. Bydd hefyd rhaid i’r cwmni dorri nifer ei deithiau, gan adael trefi fel Llandudno a Bryste heb y ddarpariaeth opera o ansawdd maent yn eu haeddu. Nid gor-ddweud yw hyn – nôl yn 2022, cyhoeddodd cwmni Opera Cenedlaethol Cymru na fyddai’n gallu teithio i Lerpwl mwyach oherwydd toriadau ariannol yn y celfyddydau, a’r angen am arbedion effeithiolrwydd yn y gyllideb. Ni ddylai dyfodol opera yng Nghymru a Lloegr olygu swyddi sy’n talu cyflogau isel, contractau ansicr, a mynediad dim ond i’r rheiny a all ei fforddio. Rhaid i’r toriadau hyn beidio â digwydd tra ein bod ni wrth y llyw. Llofnodwch y ddeiseb i ddiogelu Opera Cenedlaethol Cymru!
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    The Social Care Workforce is more than 80% poorly paid women working in care homes, hospitals, community care and personal assistants. In 2023 £38 million was stolen by the Scottish Government for the budget for care work in social care. The £38m budget was removed without consultation from the terms and conditions working group last September and it took a freedom of information request to flush out it was gone some months later. No transparency, no accountability and worse, no promise of restoring the funding. This is a massive blow to these low paid care sector workers who feel desperately let down by politicians who they put their trust in to deliver for them
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  • Mersey Care NHS workers deserve redundancy pay
    An NHS trust has closed a site a considerable distance from the rest of its sites. After offering workers the chance to relocate, those who cannot commit to making such a long commute are being threatened with being laid-off without the contractual redundancy pay they're entitled to. They will be made redundant this Easter Sunday without any commitment to any future pay from the trust. The trust should do the right think and make sure these workers are fairly compensated.
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  • Trade Union discrimination!
    This campaign highlights the ongoing discrimination and victimisation in the private sector!
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  • Fair pay for NHS pandemic heroes working at Whiston Hospital
    The staff involved are merely asking for equal pay which on principle is only fair. The NHS workers consciously doubled up on all out of hour shifts during the pandemic to ensure the public and those within the local area were kept safe. The testing they still do is a continuation of their commitment to their roles and supporting the public. Those involved have all struggled with the public through the recent inflationary rises and longstanding pay deficits imposed by the government and the decision to not offer an equal payment to the staff has impacted them more so as a result. Please sign the petition to show both your support for the NHS pandemic heroes and show your disdain around a management decision to not include the staff involved.
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  • Cumberland Council: Regrade your Urgent Care Team Workers!
    GMB members within Cumberland Council's Urgent Care Team, consisting of Approved Mental Health social workers, are at a crucial moment. These professionals are the frontline of mental health care in Cumbria, operating 24/7 to make urgent decisions on potential detentions under the Mental Health Act. Despite their crucial role and the challenging nature of their work, Cumberland Council has denied their request for a job regrading. This refusal undermines the dedication and expertise of the team members who regularly navigate emotionally draining and sometimes dangerous situations. Your support is vital. By signing this petition, you're standing in solidarity with these dedicated professionals and the GMB trade union as they campaign for job regrading. And once you've signed, you can donate to their strike fund here: https://support-cumberland-urgent-care.raiselysite.com/
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  • Return our Kids to Churchill Community College and Call on the DFE to fix our School
    School days were the best days of your life but for these kids it has been stop, start and then move school. They need and education they deserve. They need to enjoy school and be around there peers. This can only be possible if mobile building are on site allowing them to be in their own school grounds The Department for Education must foot the bill for the repairs. Council receives approx £3million for school budgets, to rebuild a school like Churchill Community College will cost approx £25million plus another 3 schools in the borough also need repairing. This will almost inevitably impact on our children in the future as Council and school budgets are all at breaking point.
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    We are calling on Hull City Council to put this right and to TUPE everyone who works at HCAL back in-house, for the following reasons: • Hull City Council staff currently receive better terms and conditions than HCAL staff. • HCAL is making losses year on year – in 2023 this was reported at £2.2 million. • HCAL staff are all on different terms and conditions – if everyone was transferred back to Hull City Council this would mean contracts would eventually be harmonised. • There is a lack of career development and progression for HCAL staff. • And there is a lack of communication when advertising cold water swimming, which left staff stressed and anxious. Please support our campaign to get everyone in HCAL transferred back in house.
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  • Hinduja Global Services: Protect our jobs in Liverpool!
    Just last year, these workers successfully fought for and won a 10% pay rise to recognise the excellent work they do. Now this same group of workers are caught between a rock and a hard place: a choice between redundancy or an infeasible and expensive job transfer. Can you help put pressure on HGS to meet with the workers and their union PCS to find a solution and keep their jobs in Liverpool? Please send an email to the company's COO now.
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