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To: Royal Opera House Chief Executive Alex Beard CBE, Chair of the Royal Opera House Sir Lloyd Dorfman CVO CBE, and the Royal Opera House Board of Trustees

Royal Opera House: Give Us Back Our 10%

We are the orchestra of the Royal Opera House.

In 2020, we took a 10% pay cut to help the financial situation of the company during the Covid-19 pandemic when the Opera House was closed.

Our pay still hasn't been restored to pre-pandemic levels.

We also took cuts to our terms and conditions to help the Royal Opera House survive pandemic restrictions, and protect what we believe to be the world's greatest opera company for generations to come.

In cash terms, we are paid less now than we were in 2015.

Royal Opera House: give us back our 10%

Why is this important?

Musicians in the Royal Opera House orchestra took a pay cut and other changes to their terms and conditions to support the company when it was closed.

They are now working harder for less, during the biggest cost of living crisis for decades.

Now audiences are back, the orchestra should have their pay restored.

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