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To: East Devon District Council

Save our fire station in Budleigh Salterton

Keep the fire station in Budleigh Salterton, which has saved many homes and lives and is manned by volunteers

Why is this important?

Having a local fire station, where volunteers respond instantly to the siren when there is a fire in the town or surroundings will save lives and property.

Budleigh Salterton, Devon

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Reasons for signing

  • So important to keep our fire station open. There were a few occasions last year that traffic was unable to get from Exmouth to Budleigh......if that happens and God forbid someone dies, hope the decision makers will be able to sleep at night!
  • Safety should be paramount and in any emergency time is of the essence
  • They where at our house fire within minutes. Such a vital service in the local community. Fast response saves lives!


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