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To: South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority

Stop cuts to South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

We oppose the proposed plans for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to cut the number of firefighters crewing a fire appliance from 5 to 4. We call on South Yorkshire Fire Authority to:

1. Reject the proposed plan to cut fire engine crews
2. Lobby the government for proper funding for South Yorkshire fire service

Why is this important?

South Yorkshire Fire Authority is planning to save up to £4 million a year by cutting the number of firefighters crewing a fire appliance from five to four.

This change will see the loss of 83 jobs and put the lives of people in South Yorkshire at risk.

Five is the minimum number of firefighters needed to safely tackle a blaze and to rescue a member of the public trapped inside a burning building. Committing fewer firefighters to an incident risks leaving those inside with less support in a life or death situation.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service say the only other alternative is to slow down response times by reducing the number of fire engines immediately available. It is unacceptable that budget shortfalls will result in firefighters and the public being put at greater risk.

South Yorkshire

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Reasons for signing

  • We can't keep allowing this to happen. It's always about saving a few pence here and there, and not about the safety of the public and the firefighters.
  • To help our fireservice help us safely
  • Can't let this happen to the fire brigade. People will die


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