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To: Leader of Oxfordshire County Council

Stop Direct Entry in to Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service

The Fire Brigades Union would like you to intervene and stop Oxfordshire County Council Fire & Rescue Service from recruiting directly in to positions of management, in particular the role as a Station Manager.

It has been the project of the National Fire Chiefs Council to recruit people in to roles of management against the will and want of Fire & Rescue Service staff (firefighters). They are also failing to listen and learn from other public sector bodies such as the Police who stopped this dangerous and ill thought through project.

Bringing management in at levels that is key to the health and safety of firefighters is fraught with high levels danger and leaves Oxfordshire County Council exposed and failing in its duty to scrutinise the Fire & Rescue Senior Management team. The Principle Officers are not listening to their staff from all areas of the service with many years’ experience attending many emergency incidents.

The training of an individual is not cost effective and or best value for money, it will not bring the confidence and competence to the many different incidents or situations a Station Manager is sent to oversee, manage and conclude, often with many years’ experience behind them often from very challenging and upsetting emergencies. There is no replacement for experience at emergency incidents.

How is someone at management level expected to monitor, review and improve firefighter safety without having walked in their shoes? Station Management is not all about emergency incidents but also compliance in H&S, training, procedures and many more. This doesn’t come from a classroom but from working the various roles and responsibilities across a fire service.

We request that you take interest in this petition and bring a swift halt to this very damaging and dangerous idea.

Why is this important?

It's vital to maintain the Health, Safety and Welfare of firefighters, not reduce opportunity for progression and also to ensure that the service has competence and confidence at vital roles across all management levels from Crew - Brigade Management.
Oxford, UK

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