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To: Thérèse Coffey MP, Department for Work and Pensions

Save Phoenix House! Keep asbestos support in Barrow

The Department for Work and Pensions is planning to close Phoenix House in Barrow, a site which processes specialist claims for work-related illness, risking the loss of staff with years of experience.

Phoenix House specialises in processing Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit, Pneumoconiosis compensation, and the Mesothelioma Scheme, among others.

We oppose the closure of the office and believe the knowledge and experience DWP has invested in should be retained.

Why is this important?

Most people using the service are terminally ill. They deserve a specialist, knowledgeable team to manage their claims. The closure risks long delays and a lack of specialist knowledge to support claims.

• 40+ jobs are at risk leaving staff in fear of redundancy with little chance of redeployment in the local area.
• Over 1000 combined years of experience helping the growing number of victims of asbestos-related lung diseases and other industrial disease will be lost.
• Excellent working relationships with asbestos support groups, unions and charities will end.
• Sufferers of terminal illnesses and their families will have to wait longer to receive payment and peace of mind at the most difficult of times.

Industrial disease continues to have a devastating effect on workers and families across the country. Britain has the highest rates of asbestos cancer in the world, and Barrow has the highest rates in Britain. The thousands of people suffering work-related illnesses every year deserve a dedicated service.

Save Phoenix House!



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