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To: Andy Jassy, Amazon CEO

We support Amazon workers

Amazon is one of the most profitable companies on the planet, with their founder and former CEO Jeff Bezos one of the world’s richest men.

Meanwhile, the workers who made him his billions are expected to tighten their belts through the deepest cost-of-living crisis in decades.

Amazon workers are bravely standing up to demand a fairer deal, and we need them to know they have our support.

UPDATE 25th January: Amazon workers in Coventry make history as hundreds go out on strike!

UPDATE 31st March: GMB says five new Amazon sites will also be balloted on strike action!

UPDATE 7th November: Workers at Birmingham site will be balloted for strike action!

Why is this important?

These workers deserve a decent pay rise and the hugely profitable Amazon can afford to give it to them.

They worked all through the pandemic, risking their lives keeping households stocked with essentials and dispensing goods that got us through the Covid restrictions. Amazon workers are expected to meet punishing targets day in, day out, and face intrusive monitoring of their performance. Many workers cannot keep up with the spiralling costs of food, energy and petrol.

The latest insulting pay offer is the last straw. The company only want to give their workers an extra 35p an hour – nowhere near enough to cover the bills.

In August 2022, protests broke out in Amazon sites across the UK. Amazon workers are standing up to these corporate bullies.

These workers know that Amazon will try to stop them from coming together. But they’re not going to let that deter them. We need to stand up alongside them. We need to send a message to Amazon workers across the UK: we support you!

Add your name and show Amazon workers that they have got our support all the way!




2023-01-25 16:43:17 +0000

Today, Amazon workers in Coventry have made history and walked out, officially on strike, for the first time in the UK to make Amazon pay. They are refusing to put up with inhumane conditions, unrealistic targets and a lack of respect.

They've been out on the picket line since midnight and they intend to stay there until midnight tonight! Let's give them a boost on social media to let them know that people across the country are backing them.

Click here to send a tweet - - or share this petition with the hashtag #AmazonStrike Every tweet and every post helps add to the pressure on Amazon to do the right thing by their workers.

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