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To: Lincolnshire County Council

Support Lincolnshire Health Visitors

The health visitors were moved on to a higher pay band.

Support Lincolnshire Health Visitors

We are asking you to value the skills and specialised knowledge of Lincolnshire's health visitors by ending their pay freeze and scrapping plans to implement a two tier system of health visitors.

Why is this important?

Lincolnshire health visitors are specialist trained nurses responsible for children's health from 0-6 years with specialisms including dealing with complex safeguarding for families amongst many other facets to their role supporting communities.

The health visitors are currently taking strike action in a fight against a 2.5 year pay freeze that has been implemented on them by their employer Lincolnshire County Council.

The health visitors are fighting for their profession and to be paid for their skills used in serving the community which Lincolnshire County Council covers.

It is a well know fact that since councils have taken control over the health visiting community service that they have sought to cut costs and deskill health visitors. This is reflected by the 25% loss of health visitors from the service since 2015.


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2019-08-09 17:19:39 +0100

We have organised a public rally for the Lincolnshire health visitors on Saturday 17th August 2019 at 11 am at Exchequer Gate/Minster Yard in Lincoln. Please come and show your support.

Speakers will include Karen Lee MP and Paresh Patel - Regional Secretary Unite East Midlands. More speakers TBC.

Please join our Facebook event to be kept up to date with all details:

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