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To: Chris Webb, Bradford College CEO

Support the Bradford College UCU pay rise campaign

Bradford College UCU members have had no real-terms pay rise since 2009. Since that time, they have faced an unsustainable increase in workloads and their professionalism is disregarded.

In March 2022 we submitted a pay claim for 10%, negotiations on staff/student ratios and an agreement on a professional respect charter.

In April 2023, the College imposed a flat rate £1160 pay increase to all staff but for the most experienced, long-serving, dedicated lecturers, this represents 3.2% for lecturers at the top of the pay spine but this does not meet their needs.

Staff deliver not only further education at Bradford College but also higher education, adult community education and apprenticeships to people across the district.

The diligence and commitment of staff contributed to a Good Ofsted rating for Bradford College so staff deserve a real pay rise which recognises the value of the work they deliver and their professionalism.

The Bradford community needs professionals who can help students achieve their aspirations and as such we need better salaries to attract and retain the staff that are essential to the local community and local economy.

Bradford College UCU have now taken significant strike action, but we are hoping we won't be forced to take any more.

We are calling on the Bradford College executive to improve the pay offered to staff and come back to the negotiating table. We are also calling on the governors to support our claim prioritising investment in staff ahead of any new building projects.

Why is this important?

You should support us because further education is a crucial part of the economy which is about providing bridges into employment for young people and adults.

If you believe that further education is worth fighting for, then we urge you to support our pay claim in order to support high quality teachers to stay in the profession.

Further education also has a crucial role to play in the just transition to decarbonise jobs and train people for the future jobs market and therefore needs to attract workers from a wide set of industries with better pay, so we can provide the best educational experience students deserve.
Bradford, UK

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