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To: The Mayor and Council Leaders of York & North Yorkshire Combined Authority

Take North Yorkshire’s Buses Back Under Local Control

Dear Mayor & Council Leaders,

Please take our buses back under local control.


The People of York and North Yorkshire

Why is this important?

York and North Yorkshire's bus services are broken. But they could be world class.

The region's new devolution deal for our region gives the Council Leaders and Mayor the power to fix our buses by bringing them back under local control.

But we won't win this without a fight!

Right now, our network is a wild west free market with the bus companies able to do what they like. And they are desperate to cling onto that power.

Private companies control North Yorkshire’s bus network. They dictate prices, routes, and timetables. The result has been catastrophic — passenger numbers have plummeted, prices have skyrocketed, and service cuts have left our communities more isolated than ever.

The new Mayor of York and North Yorkshire, and our Council Leaders, have the power to regulate our buses in the public interest. Like London’s world leading network, this would see decisions about our buses made by local people, not unaccountable shareholders.

Regulation would mean affordable fares, buses that prioritise punctuality over profits, and more evening, weekend, and rural services — all with a smart ticket that caps your fare.

We need the region’s leaders to hear our message loud and clear, so there is no choice on the day after the mayoral election but to bring buses back under local control.
North Yorkshire, UK

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