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To: Mayor of Sheffield City Region and South Yorkshire's Council Leaders

Take South Yorkshire's Buses Into Public Control

Dear Mayor & Council Leaders,

Please take our buses into public control.


The People of South Yorkshire

Why is this important?

South Yorkshire's bus services are broken. But they could be world-class.

Right now, private bus companies do what they like, dictating prices, routes, and timetables.

You’ve seen the results: catastrophic cuts, skyrocketing fares, and buses that never turn up.

It’s not just a bad deal for passengers — drivers are overworked and underpaid, leaving the bus companies struggling to run a reliable service as staff shortages bite. No wonder drivers are forced to strike!

The new mayor of South Yorkshire, and your South Yorkshire council leaders, have the power to bring your buses into public control.

Public control would mean affordable fares and more frequent buses. All with a smart ticket where daily spending is capped. And why not? It’s what they have in London!

It would also put staff pay and conditions in public control, delivering a better deal for drivers and more reliable buses for you.

South Yorkshire’s politicians are there to represent YOU! Let them know you think buses should be in public control.
South Yorkshire, UK

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2023-12-11 16:54:51 +0000

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