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To: West Yorkshire Council Leaders

Take West Yorkshire's Buses Back Under Public Control

Dear West Yorkshire Council Leaders

Please take our buses back into public control.


The People of West Yorkshire.

Why is this important?

West Yorkshire's bus services are broken.

Local Council leaders are currently discussing what to do about it. And they'll be making a decision soon.

We want them to take our buses back into public control!

Right now, bus companies do what they like and it's a wild west free market. We need public control.

Private companies control West Yorkshire’s bus network. They dictate prices, routes and timetables. The result has been catastrophic - passenger numbers have plummeted, prices have risen and services have shrunk.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) - which is made up of your local Council leaders - has the power to regulate our buses. Regulation would mean affordable fares, and more evening and weekend services, all with a smart ticket where daily spending is capped.

Local council leaders are considering it/. But we need them to commit!

Sign this petition now to take back control of our buses!


Why Public Control?

Public Control gives us -

- control over the bus network, which would mean companies would be forced to put on certain, less profitable routes and more regular services.

- control over fares, so we are the ones that set the prices.

- control over ticketing, which could mean one single, affordable ticket for the whole of West Yorkshire, like it is in London.

Send West Yorkshire's leaders a message, we deserve better!

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How it will be delivered

By hand, to the offices of the WYCA

West Yorkshire, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • "no subsidies (raised through taxation) without representation"
  • About time this happened
  • Because Public Transport should be a public owned service, run and payed for with public money


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