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To: The Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP

Treat Long Covid as a Disability

It’s high time for people with long Covid to be properly protected at work.

The government must act now to:

1. Automatically recognise long Covid as a disability under the Equality Act, so workers are protected from discrimination and have a legal right to reasonable adjustments like longer rest breaks and flexible hours.
2. Ensure a right to compensation, so anyone who contracts long Covid through work can be properly compensated for loss of income and injury.

Why is this important?

Latest Government figures revealed a staggering 385,000 people have been living with symptoms of long Covid for a year or more.

And spiralling infection rates mean many more people are likely to contract long Covid.

Symptoms include fatigue, brain fog and shortness of breath, and it’s more common in key workers, women and those living in the most deprived areas.

Our research reviled wide spread discrimination and disbelief at work 1 in 20 people with long covid have been forced out of their jobs.

This is not acceptable.

We must stand in solidarity with everyone who has long Covid. We demand the Government urgently address the discrimination people with long Covid face.



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