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To: Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education

Reverse the cuts to union learning

The government's plans to cut the Union Learning Fund in England means hundreds of thousands of workers will miss out on skills and training.

Sign the petition calling on the government to reverse cuts to union learning and ensure working people can access education and skills training.

Why is this important?

I saw first-hand the difference union learning made for hundreds of my workmates and friends. So when I heard the news that the government planned to cut the Union Learning Fund, I was devastated.

I thought of everyone I’d supported as a union learning rep and what they would have missed out on without this programme. I thought of the workers getting our country through this crisis, who deserve an opportunity to access education and learn new skills in the workplace.

It’s impossible to list all of the benefits of union learning I’ve seen, but I can honestly say it’s changed lives.

Our training around mental health helped normalise talking about it at work. People who missed out at school learned English and maths in union learning courses, skills they’ll have for life. And those who came to learning centres and engaged in courses came back over and over again, earning apprenticeships and higher qualifications.

And independent reviews have consistently found union learning to be effective and transformational for the workers who take part, their families, and communities.

The government must reverse its decision immediately.



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