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To: Mark Eccles, Lead People Partner

Warburton's - possibly sacking staff for protecting their Health and Safety?

During the extreme weather in mid-December 2022, a number of Warburton's drivers were let down by their employer whilst carrying out their duties.
Many of those drivers then unsurprisingly got stuck in snow and had to take various types of action to ensure their own safety was maintained.
None of this should have been necessary if Warburton's had an effective emergency weather plan in place.
Very little effort was made to check on the welfare of its employees or safely recover them, leaving them to fend for themselves.
Instead of dealing with their potential failures, Warburton's quickly decided to start disciplinary action towards our members for so called breaches of company regulations.

Using an extreme weather event to start victimising our members is unacceptable, Warburton's needs to stop all the disciplinary action in relation to this matter being taken against our members and fix their own policies.

Why is this important?

Everyone has the right to a safe environment at their place of work. Drivers who are lone, mobile workers, whose environment changes regularly and sometimes rapidly, should have the confidence to adapt and have the support of their employer in making those decisions
Enfield, UK

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