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To: Thérèse Coffey, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

We need a maximum working temperature

We need an absolute maximum working temperature to keep people safe from the risks associated with excessive heat and sun exposure.

Why is this important?

Every summer, temperatures are rising and working in prolonged heat and sun can be dangerous. It can cause a number of health concerns, from dehydration and dizziness to the most serious of illnesses. The Health and Safety Executive say 4,500 people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year as a result of outdoor working.

Trade unions want to see the law changed, so that employers and workers know when action must be taken to keep workers cooler and safer.

We want to see guidance which asks employers to begin taking steps to reduce temperatures when they get above 24°C and workers feel uncomfortable. This is the World Heath Organisation's recommended maximum temperature for working in comfort.

While official guidance exists for a *minimum* working temperature of 16°C, there is no law to guide bosses on what a maximum should be. It's time to protect working people feeling the heat!

Reasons for signing

  • This needs actioned. It’s against human rights to have people working under these conditions.
  • It is long overdue that employees have an officially recognised, maximum temperature, in which to work. Why should we have to persist in working in unhealthy and unsafe conditions, unnecessarily?
  • Mostly where I'm employed I'm ok, but thinking of my son who works in an office like a green house & have had all personal desk fans removed, windows that only open minimally are on a timer so they shut at 18:00 hours - my son's office is manned from 06:00 - 23:00. Some staff don't like the windows open during the day as they complain they're in a draft. Not good for anyone.


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