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To: Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister

Tell Rishi Sunak: Your Government's civil servants deserve better than 2%

Photo of PM Rishi Sunak - Copyright (c) 2020 I T S/Shutterstock.

In November, members of PCS Union, which represents these striking civil servants voted a massive yes, with over 86% voting to support strike action.

Over 100,000 civil servants in over 120 civil service employers are ready to take strike action if the government does not make a serious pay offer.

Let’s show the UK Government that it can no longer treat its workers with contempt.

Why is this important?

Civil servants played a vital role in keeping the country running during the pandemic. Our members provide essential public services, but for over a decade we’ve been subject to pay freezes and below inflation pay rises. Yet the government expects us to accept a 2% pay rise!

Now with inflation running into double figures, and increasing food and energy costs, we have said Enough is Enough.

We are ready to take strike action until the government, our employer, gives us the pay rise we deserve! But we need the community to get behind us.

Our members are having to make difficult choices on a daily basis about whether to heat their homes or feed their families. Many have told us heart-breaking stories of going without food to feed their children, about living and sleeping in just one room because of the cost of heating. Many have had to call in sick because they could not afford the bus or train fare to work.

PCS members are in the fight of their lives, and we need your support to win it.

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