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To: Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands Combined Authority

Better Buses for West Midlands

We the undersigned believe that the provision of affordable, safe, reliable, accessible for all bus services – fully funded and democratically accountable should be a fundamental human right. And that the existing enhanced partnership between Transport for the West Midlands (TfWM) and private bus operators is no longer fit for purpose. We need far greater Public Control (franchising) of our bus services across the West Midlands.

We support the Campaign for Better Bus Services opposition to bus service cuts across the UK and highlighting the need for increased funding of our bus services and an end to privatisation where bus companies put profits before people.

Why is this important?

Our buses are in crisis!

Services slashed - routes continuously under threat with many communities left isolated, particularly in rural areas.

Buses unreliable, poorly maintained and not environmentally friendly – often cancelled or late.
Drivers recruitment, training and pay and conditions inadequate.

Fares expensive and confusing CO2 emissions from use of private cars worsen climate chaos.

Recent cuts in Government funding (which pays for ‘socially necessary’ services) will make the crisis even worse.

We need guaranteed, adequate funding to make public transport the most attractive option for
people when travelling. Our communities need this – and the climate crisis demands it!

We need an end to privatisation where bus companies put profits before people. Franchising (as
embraced by Greater Manchester) should be easier to implement as a first step towards a return to full public ownership of bus services.

West Midlands, UK

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