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To: Cardiff University

Strike Deduction Amnesty

Strike Deduction Amnesty

The signatories of this petition, supported by the Cardiff branch of the University and College Union (UCU), call for Cardiff University management to recognize the strains and demands university staff are facing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and grant a full amnesty on pay deductions to university workers who participated in the UCU Industrial Action in February and March 2020.

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Why is this important?

Cardiff University took measures to address the spread of COVID-19, and university staff are putting in considerable extra effort and working hard to ensure that teaching, research and provision of vital services continue with minimal disruption. This requires commitment and goodwill of staff in addition to the ability to work from home and rely on personal resources. The university acknowledged the challenges of working from home and provided advice for workers to make an adjustment to their home working environment, including a higher level of heating, lighting and use of safe and ergonomic furniture. Given the situation and the demands of working in these conditions, it is essential that the University does not deduct pay, as workers need these funds to make essential arrangements to ensure that their work environment is safe and sustainable for the duration of the exceptional measures. Crucially, staff who have to self-isolate or who are caring for their family members will need resources to provide additional support which they or their family members need. Several universities in the UK (including the University of St. Andrews, King’s College London, and Birkbeck) have already announced an amnesty on pay deductions in recognition of the exceptional demands on their staff. We ask Cardiff University to follow these examples by granting an amnesty on strike pay deductions.

Reasons for signing

  • It is unconscionable to tell staff how valuable they are at a time like this while hammering them for taking legitimate action to highlight their grievances with your own policies.
  • At times where total family income maybe affected where some may losing jobs or proportion of their income, it is important to reasonably minimise any impact on financial security, preferably cancelling the payment from salary.
  • So my colleagues whose contracts end on 31st March have some money to live on


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