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To: Department of Education

Return our Kids to Churchill Community College and Call on the DFE to fix our School

Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash
Austerity has consequence's, cuts to Council and School budgets over the 14 years of a Tory Government has led to Schools crumbling before our very eyes in 2024. Our Children have now spent months away from their own school environment in different schools and now office blocks across the borough. It is now time to bring them back using mobile classrooms so they can be back on site and have as normal of an education as possible with their friends. We must also insist that the Department for Education pay for the rebuilding or restructuring of the school buildings.

Why is this important?

School days were the best days of your life but for these kids it has been stop, start and then move school. They need and education they deserve. They need to enjoy school and be around there peers. This can only be possible if mobile building are on site allowing them to be in their own school grounds

The Department for Education must foot the bill for the repairs. Council receives approx £3million for school budgets, to rebuild a school like Churchill Community College will cost approx £25million plus another 3 schools in the borough also need repairing. This will almost inevitably impact on our children in the future as Council and school budgets are all at breaking point.
North Tyneside District, UK

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