To: Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, Secretary of State for Transport

Give Britain’s railways proper funding now!

The UK government is going after railway workers’ jobs.

Devastating funding cuts to Network Rail will see thousands of job losses and put passengers’ safety at risk.

Instead of gutting public services, the Transport Secretary needs to deliver a clear plan to properly staff railways and keep UK trains safely on track.

Why is this important?

Millions of us across the country rely on train services every day to get to work, go to school, and as a greener option for travelling across the country.

But the UK government is cutting Network Rail’s annual expenditure by £100 million.

More than 2,600 dedicated railway workers will lose their jobs, their livelihoods and careers.

That means fewer staff to undertake vital maintenance work, fewer inspectors on board trains, fewer route controllers to keep services safe and functional.

It’s impossible to make those cuts without cutting corners on safety.

We don’t want to see commuters packed like sardines into unsafe trains.

We don’t want cuts that could make accidents more likely and increase the possibility of trains flying off the tracks.

We deserve safe, reliable and affordable and well maintained trains for all.

The UK government must recognise the world's most successful railways are in public ownership, and backed by sustainable government funding.

We demand a better vision for the future of Britain’s rail.

We want the UK government to put safety and livelihoods first.

Sign the petition to stop this jobs disaster and the largest cuts to public rail services in a generation.